Engage and Inspire your students

We show students how to have a successful career in the arts. With live performances from pro touring musicians , lecture and a Q&A.

  • One of the main reasons my students are so excited for you to come back is because along with a great show they know they will get, they also know there will be time to talk with you about what they are creating.  To get a chance to tap into your expertise and help them grow as well.  It’s a really wonderful thing you are doing

    Richard Maxwell - Contemporary Music and Sound Program, Arcadia High School
  • Musicians of the Epic Proportions Tour bring real-life experience into your school. Our students always look forward to their visit and love to ask questions about the music industry.  Gabe Kubanda always makes sure that lyrics of songs are appropriate and deliver age-appropriate messages. My special kudos to this group for reaching out to schools and providing high-quality, free of charge performances

    Natalya Duncan - Music Teacher/Asst. Principal, Long Island City High School
  • Hi Gabe, KUDOS to the Epic Proportions Tour and their bands for providing such an awesome interactive and educational concert for East Side High School!!! Each performance was energetic and engaging. Our students and staff members were impressed by all of the performances and thank you for making Halloween at East Side a remarkable experience. Welcome to the East Side Family… “Once an East Sider, always an East Sider!”

    Shakisha McCray - Asst. Principal, East Side High School
I learned so much about the music business, it was awesome!
Student, Mesa High
Gabe's live show is really entertaining. He is so funny onstage, and his lyrics really connected with me
Student, University of Illinois

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